Syvir Technologies develops and publishes cutting edge innovate diagnostic software for pcs and networks.
SYVIR Technologies is looking for partner resellers to market and sell its innovate diagnostic software for pcs and networks. .

We offer high rates so why not sign up now and become a reseller.
SYVIR Technologies offer two types of reseller programs...
1. Dealer boxed product etc.
Become a stockist and promote our products to your newtork of customers. Please contact us for trade prices and marketing material.
2. Web based click per sale
The Syvir reseller program is offered through Share-It the leading ecommerce company.
If you’re already a member of Share-It you may sign up the Syvir reseller program directly at the Share-It signup page.

Country: U.S.A SYVIR Technologies 10 Years of Syvir 2007 - 2017