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When trying to check a PCs hardware specification sometimes the only reliable means is to open up the box and see for yourself what’s inside the system case. Clearly this is time consuming and can be impractical. Syvir PCBuild scans your computer for a list of hardware inventory. Over 30 hardware sensors return a hardware list and create a virtual PC of your system. PC Build Returns the processor that is used in the PC. Memory banks. Hard drive part nos. Builds a list of USB ports serial and parallel ports.

Pc inventory


PC Hardware

Once the computer has been scanned a list of hardware components is created. You can quickly see key hardware names such as processor name hard disk part number which version of windows is installed on the target PC.


3D virtual system ...

A 3D Version of the motherboard is built this is populated with processor, hard drives, optical drives and all the major hardware components fitted on your motherboard.



A free version includes 3 sensors.
10 Sensor version is available.
The Full version includes over 30 sensors that provides details of your PCs hardware and builds a near complete 3D version of your system. Depending on the version of PC BUILD you are using a full 3D system will be built if you are using the full version.
If you are using the FREE demo version upto 3 component sensors will be included.
10 sensor version will build a 3D system with up to 10 component sensors.
An inventory of the system is also compiled.
Syvir Build PC includes over 30 sensors that detect different types of hardware in your computers system. Each sensor is responsible for acquiring details of a particular component. A hard disk is considered to be one type of component sensor. The full version includes over 30 component sensors.
The free version is limited to 3 sensors.
The 10 sensor version is limited to 10 component sensors.
Versions with 3 and 10 sensors scan prefixed sensors that cannot be altered.



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