pc diagnostics software

PC Diagnostics

PC Diagnostics software that reads the WMI codes windows provides for diagnostic issues.
SyvirPC reads the Windows measurement instrumentation (WMI) diagnostic status codes in your computer to provide diagnostic information on your pc.
The full version reads over 30 WMI codes.
SyvirPC reads actual WMI codes that show if windows has detected a problem with hardware on your P.C.
SyvirPC reads the Windows measurement instrumentation (WMI) diagnostic status codes on your pc.
I.T professionals use WMI to monitor diagnostics on windows pc's
Most diagnostics programs just use performance counters to work out if a problem exists.
SyvirPC checks your system for problems before they become serious issues and you end up losing data. Regular checks on your p.c will spot problems before they become failures. PC diagnostics is the main part of SyvirPC.
The program also makes an inventory list of pc hardware this is based on WMI data. If this data is incomplete this will be reflected in the 3D model.

  pc diagnostics software

PC Hardware

SyvirP checks with its pc diagnostics system for hardware and component failures. A 3D virtual system is built of the target PC. Components are color coded with status levels of any faults. Click on the component for a diagnosis of component status. SyvirPC returns WMI Messages like OK if the hardware component is working. Invaluable for system up time SyvirPC will spot PC problems before they become down time.


3D virtual system ...

Once the computer has been scanned a list of hardware components is created. You can quickly see key hardware names such as processor name hard disk part number which version of windows is installed on your PC.


PC Build

When trying to check a PCs hardware specification sometimes the only reliable means is to open up the box and see for yourself what’s inside the system case. SYVIR PC builds a 3D version of the computers hardware so you can see whats in the box.


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