System Requirements

SYVIRBuild installs onto Windows based machines only.

Requires a minimum of Windows 7.

Runs on Windows 7 (32 bit),(64 bit). 8 (32 bit),(64 bit). 10 (32 bit),(64 bit).

Requires DirectX 8.1 or higher on the installed machine.
For improved performance we recommend installation is done on a PC with a graphics card to enable smooth rendering of 3D graphics.
SYVIRBuild is agent less and does not require the deployment of software to every machine on the network.

Windows WMI services need to be running on the PC being scanned.
SyvirBuild uses agent less scanning. It requires a user account on each target pc.
The user account should have administrator rights and WMI services access.
Without these SyvirBuild will not be able to build a virtual version of the target networked PC or provide hardware details.
Your network administrator will need to create and enable these.

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