Installing SYVIRBuild on a Windows PC.

Unpack the ZIP file that SYVIRBuild is contained in.
Locate the file Setup.exe and double click on it.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

The program installs into a program group called SYVIRBuild.
Locate this in the main program menu.
You will need DirectX 8.1 or higher installed, DirectX only needs to be running on the machine that SyvirBuild is installed on.
To scan a range of Windows PCs you will need to enter the serial number that was issued to you.
From the File menu select the Enter Serial Number menu option. Copy the serial number into the text box, the serial number is contained in the Email you received when you purchased SyvirBuild.
Click on OK.
The license type will be visible in the main program window for instance if you purchased a 10 node license then 10 nodes will show at the top.

Menu Bar
The top contians the menus and parts box. Click on a part in the 3D system and its name will appear in the parts box.
Scans your LAN for network PCs. Will include Windows PCs and any other device like network drive tablets etc.
SyvirBuild can only scan and build Windows PCs.
Once the scan has taken place click on OK . Restart SyvirBuild and the LAN box will be populated with local nodes.
Re-scans your network for new nodes.
Scans and builds a 3D near identical version of your system. A hardware list of system inventory is populated in the hardware box.
Scans and builds a 3D near identical version of the node slected in the LAN box. A hardware list of system inventory is populated in the hardware box. Reset
Returns the virtual system to its original state.
Shows all the prossible virtual system sensor hardware components.
Zoom In
Zooms in on the 3D system.
Zoom Out
Zooms out on the 3D system.

Turns on 3D lights to illuminate system.
Sets the background color for the 3D system.
Opens the Settings Windows.
The settings window contains five options.
IP Name
Three options to show IP or Computer Names in the LAN box.
Enables passwords to be hidden or visible in password boxs. Clear
This option clears hardware and inventory cache data on your virtual system. Use this option if you encounter problems building a 3D model of your system.
If you encounter problems with network scans you can reset the LAN cache with the Reset option.
This is the root file location for WMI services on your PC. By default you shouldn't have to change this location, however if you have problems with acquiring WMI data you may have to find and change the location where the cimv2 file is located.
Switches on the fixed XYZ 3D pointer.
Switches on or off the visibility of the base.

Pan Controls
The pan controls allow some limited movement of the 3D system.
Bottom Bar
Contains the computer name and local IP address.

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