Learn More... PC Diagnostics SYVIRSen scans network PCs for faults.
Learn More... Sensor Types By default SyvirSen scans each PC on the network with a wide range of sensors
Learn More... Scan local P.C Select Scan local PC from the menu.
Learn More... Scan a network P.C Select a PC node from the network tree.
Learn More... Setting the global administrator account. To start a PC scan you will need an administrator account on each target PC this requires the same username and password.
Learn More... Setting the local PCs administrator account. A PC node can have its own administrator account.
Learn More... Scanning your Network. From the Network Menu select Network Scan...
Learn More... Installing SYVIRSen Unpack the ZIP file that SYVIRSen is contained in...
Learn More... System Requirements SYVIRSEN installs onto Windows based machines only. ...
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