SyvirNet Support


SyvirNet uses performance counters to monitor using a timebase various hardware functions of a lan based P.C
SyvirNet installs onto Windows based machines only.

Requires a minimum of Windows Vista.

Runs on Windows Vista (32 bit),(64 bit). 7 (32 bit),(64 bit). 8 (32 bit),(64 bit). 10 (32 bit),(64 bit).

Requires DirectX 8.1 or higher on the installed machine.

SyvirNet is agent less and does not require the deployment of software to every machine on the network.

Windows WMI services need to be running on the PC being scanned.
Unpack the ZIP file that SyvirNet is contained in.
Locate the file Setup.exe and double click on it.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

The program installs into a program group called SyvirNet. Locate this in the main program menu.
From the Network Menu select Network Scan.

SyvirNet will scan the LAN to gather information on Windows PCs connected to the network.

Once complete the program will restart to update the list of pcs to be scanned. On restart a list of network PCs is populated in the network box.

Each PC (Node) in the network tree represents a pc that has been discovered in a network scan of your LAN.
SyvirNet automatically scans your local area network for PCs’.
It builds up a list in the network box of detected PCs.
This list is automatically saved, so each time you run SyvirNet the list is present.

A PC node can have its own administrator account.
To set this click on the computer you wish to set in the network box.
Right click and select set current node login from the menu.
In the login window check the PC you wish to set login details for at the bottom of the window type in the username and password click on ok this sets the password and username for the selected PC node.
This setting overides the global administrator account.
To start a PC scan you will need an administrator account on each target PC this requires the same username and password.

This is set from the administrator menu select set administrator password.
In the username box type in the username.
In the password box type in the password.
When you are done click on ok. The administrator password is now set.
A range of performance counter sensors monitor the target pc for several parameters.
These counters monitor and determine the load the pc is under.
Triggers can be set to enable a sensor to be set DOWN.
Five types of statuses are available.
The sensor is UP and working fine. Green denotes the UP sensor color.

The sensor value has triggered a preset integer that has been set.

The sensor is down and unavailable. The parameter being monitored is either unavailable or reached its maximum trigger times and has been set to down. Investigate on the target pc the cause. Sensors for each pc are accessed through the tree view box. Expand the node you wish to view. Each sensor type will be flagged with its current status.

CPU Load
The percentage load for each cpu core and total.
Values over 90% need to be investigated.

Free Memory
The percentage of free system memory left for the O.S
Values under 10% need to be investigated.

Virtual Memory
The percentage of virtual memory.

PageFile Usage a figure of < 10% needs to be investigated.

Free disk space
Percent of disk space left on main pc drive. Includes logical volumes and total.

Each performance counter sensor has an associated alarm that sets the sensor into a DOWN state.
To access alarms select the sensor from the tree view network box.
The current sensor settings are shown.
To change a sensors alarm modify the parameters and click on save.