Performance Counters

A range of performance counter sensors monitor the target pc for several parameters.
These counters monitor and determine the load the pc is under.
Triggers can be set to enable a sensor to be set DOWN.
Five types of statuses are available.
The sensor is UP and working fine. Green denotes the UP sensor color.

The sensor value has triggered a preset integer that has been set.

The sensor is down and unavailable. The parameter being monitored is either unavailable or reached its maximum trigger times and has been set to down. Investigate on the target pc the cause. Sensors for each pc are accessed through the tree view box. Expand the node you wish to view. Each sensor type will be flagged with its current status.

CPU Load
The percentage load for each cpu core and total.
Values over 90% need to be investigated.

Free Memory
The percentage of free system memory left for the O.S
Values under 10% need to be investigated.

Virtual Memory
The percentage of virtual memory.

PageFile Usage a figure of < 10% needs to be investigated.

Free disk space
Percent of disk space left on main pc drive. Includes logical volumes and total.

Each performance counter sensor has an associated alarm that sets the sensor into a DOWN state.
To access alarms select the sensor from the tree view network box.
The current sensor settings are shown.
To change a sensors alarm modify the parameters and click on save.

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