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HDD Diagnostics

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Key Features

HDD Diagnostics

HDD Diagnostics

SYVIR HDD Diagnostics enumerates hard drives RAID and network drives on a pc/server.
Provides two WMI sensors to acquire physical drive presence and logical drives.
Builds 3D versions of drives.
Returns diagnostic health status of physical drives and logical drives.
Granular data from agent less WMI sensors is displayed.

HDD Diagnostics

HDD Diagnostics checks on hard drives..

HDD Diagnostics will help you predict in advance whether your drive is going to fail. The WMI messages will tell you in advance if HDD Diagnostics has found a problem with your hard disk.
Once HDD Diagnostics has scanned for WMI messages just a click on the virtual drive will reveal what HDD Diagnostics has found. HDD Diagnostics color codes messages.

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  • 1 Inventory Sensors
  • 2 Diagnostic Sensors
  • 1 3D Hard Drive
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  • 1 Inventory Sensors
  • 2 Diagnostic Sensors
  • 16 3D Hard Drives


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Requires Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and DirectX 8.1 or higher.