Partner Program

Partner Program

This solution guide is intended for MSPs interested in providing endpoint reliability monitoring solutions to their customers.
With today’s IT landscape ever changing its difficult to get a handle on what’s important. With the myriad of different solutions available it’s challenging to get a handle on what does what.
The issue of endpoint reliability is often overlooked by clients…what’s going on in the box is usually out of reach for clients.
Why is endpoint reliability monitoring important to SMBs?
Endpoint reliability is a critical factor in the IT landscape. We all can recall countless stories of systems packing up and data lost… As post covid, firms are looking to extend system life beyond the old three-year replacement cycle. As systems get older breakdowns occur more often. Industry standard figures point to by the third year PC reliability drops to 9%
Endpoint reliability monitoring.
Often MSPs can feel helpless monitoring endpoint reliability as typical RMMs just monitor performance counters like CPU, Hard Drive load and temperatures etc.
Syvir AI Diagnostics is a cloud-based automated service.
Monitors the following PC/Server components-
Battery, BIOS, Cache Memory, CPU, DMA Channel, Fixed Drive, DVD/CD, Ethernet, Fan, FireWire, Heat Pipe, Keyboard, E-IDE/SATA, InfraRed, Motherboard, Desktop Monitor, Parallel, PCI, PCMCIA, Pointing devices, PSU, Refrigeration, SCSI, Serial, SMBIOS Memory, Sound, System Memory, Temperature, USB, Video, Voltage, Wireless.
Value Proposition.
Clients can get early warning off any hardware issues failures or problems flagged up by the endpoint. You and the client are alerted by email to any issues detected.
Reports back to your clients daily any hardware faults with their endpoints.
A new type of service for your clients. Endpoint fault monitoring.
Interested in joining the SYVIR Technologies partner program?
To learn more about how you can introduce your clients to the benefits of endpoint fault monitoring We’d be happy to work with you to create a marketing campaign for your clients.
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