Syvir Cloud key features

Monitor your network endpoints.

Web interface

Syvir cloud products all share a common web interface, if you are familiar with one Syvir cloud service you should be able to learn another one quickly.
Some products like Printer Diagnostics Monitor and Visual OS Monitor have different diagnostic pages, although they still function in the same way.

Syvir Cloud Dashboard

Monitor your network endpoints.


Your overview of all probe and sensor statuses these help you understand if you have a diagnostic issue with your endpoints. All syvir cloud have similar dashboards so learning new dashboards is less of an issue.

  • Spot any current issues like alarms or sensors down.
  • Gain quick insights across all endpoint indicators – probes, sensors, alarms unused sensors.
  • Quickly identify if alarms have been set for endpoints.

Syvir Cloud Network.

Monitor your network endpoints.


Overview of deployed sensors. Add sensors. View status for each deployed probe.

  • Current deployed sensor status.
  • 2 Hour graphs of diagnostic sensor status.
  • Graph sensor status for up to 365 days.
  • Timestamps Last Down for sensor.
  • Sensor Diagnostic status for all selected probe.

Syvir Cloud Alarms.

Monitor your network endpoints.


When a probe sensor is Down an alarm is created. A diagnostic email is created and sent to the designated engineer.
Each alarm has the following features:

  • Sensor status i.e WARNING or DOWN.
  • Probe name sensor belongs to.
  • New and old sensor status.
  • Diagnostics option with WMI status codes.
  • Further emails can be sent through the diagnostics option.
  • Auto generated diagnostic emails can be sent.

Syvir Cloud Diagnostics

Monitor your network endpoints.


The diagnostic condition of each deployed sensor is monitored through the diagnostics page.
A diagnostic profile of each deployed sensor. Each sensors channels have properties with diagnostic information.

  • Diagnostics option with WMI status codes.
  • Each sensor has channels. Every channel has properties.
  • A diagnostic email is created and sent to the designated engineer.

Syvir Cloud Reporting.

Monitor your network endpoints.


Monitor probe diagnostic codes

  • List all sensor statuses.
  • List all alarms.
  • List all codes.
  • Monitor Error Codes.