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Key Features

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Network Monitoring

With many network administrators focused on the threat of malware ransomware etc it's no surprise that the healthy running of network endpoints can often be overlooked until a hardware breakdown occurs.
With home working looking like it's here to stay, monitoring endpoints outside of the office can be challenging. Hardware breakdowns are a fact of life and cause pain points for admins... Users are quick to apportion blame.
Typical network monitoring of endpoints consists of performance counters checking CPU performance, Drive free space and so on.
When it comes faults with processors, memory, drives and other hardware performance counters fall short.
With Syvir Monitor endpoints are monitored for performance and hardware failure. Alerts are produced when a component is stressed, or a fault detected, usually indicating a component is on the way out.
The monitoring uses a probe service so home workers not on the LAN can be monitored autonomously.
The web interface allows endpoints to be monitored anywhere in the world through a variety of devices.