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See how HV Diagnostics Monitor can help you...saves you time..alerts you when a problem is found.

Hyper-V monitoring


Monitors your Windows Hyper-V 24/7 systems. Monitors your Hyper-V wherever they are in the world.Monitors the main virtual Hyper-V components on a virtual machine.

Hyper-V software


Alerts you when problems occur. Sends you an email when a problem is detected.



HV Diagnostics Monitor works within your budget and grows as your network does. Saves you time and money.

Hyper-V network monitor


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Simple to install, no additional downloads are required.


Monitor Hyper-V diagnostics

Monitor your whole network of Windows Hyper-V. Produces diagnostic report for an engineer, when an issue is detected.

Monitor your virtual machines with HV Diagnostics Monitor.

Monitors your important virtual components.

We have got you covered...

With HV Diagnostics Monitor range of virtual sensors we can spot any problems before your systems go down.

  • Processor Diagnostics
  • Virtual Machine Diagnostics
  • Metric Service Diagnostics
  • Image Management Diagnostics
  • Ethernet Diagnostics
  • Memory Diagnostics
endpoint monitoring

Keep ahead of Hyper-V failures.

Monitor all Hyper-V on your network..

Key Features


Hyper-V Monitoring

Monitor your Hyper-V components.

Spot failures before they become downtime.

Visualize your Hyper-V and spot virtual failures.

Includes sensors to monitor key components in your Hyper-V.

Regular checks on Hyper-V will spot problems before they become failures.

Includes sensors that check key components of your virtual machine.


HV Diagnostics Monitor gets to the problem fast with diagnostic information.

Pinpoints the issue.

Email diagnostic information to an engineer.

network software
Hyper-V Network software


HV Diagnostics Monitor alerts you when a sensor discovers a problem with your Hyper-V.

Easy to understand pricing.

HV Diagnostics Monitor Grows with your needs.

Fits into your budget.


Monitoring with Live view, Alerts, Diagnostics, Reports

24x7 monitoring

HV Diagnostics Monitor monitors your Hyper-V hourly to spot any problems and reports to you if something is found.


EMail alerts tell you instantly when HV Diagnostics Monitor has spotted a hardware issue with your Hyper-V.

Data Reports

HV Diagnostics Monitor produces comprehensive reports on Hyper-V diagnostics for your network.

Hyper-V software

Monitor your important network Hyper-V components.

Monitor your Hyper-V with HV Diagnostics Monitor.

Use your web browser to view Hyper-V diagnostic status.

HV Diagnostics Monitor is a cloud tool that helps ensure Hyper-V is running reliably and that you spot any problems before your systems go down.

  • Monitoring your Hyper-V is important to avoid downtime and increase efficiency.
  • Great for home workers as probe installs locally and sends data straight to the cloud!
  • Monitor Hyper-V diagnostics.

What should you monitor.

Effective Hyper-V diagnostic monitoring in real time is to ensure key sensors are deployed to monitor critical Hyper-V components.
When you install a probe by default several sensors are enabled on the system.
Some components such as hard drives are prone to failure and may impact your company more than say a monitor breaking down.

Piece of mind.
As long as you don't hear from HV Diagnostics Monitor you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is running ok...

Hyper-V cloud

How HV Diagnostics Monitor Works.

Monitor your Hyper-V with HV Diagnostics Monitor.

Use your web browser to view Hyper-V Diagnostic status.

HV Diagnostics Monitor is a cloud tool that helps ensure your computer systems are running reliably and that you spot any problems before your systems go down.

  • 1. A probe on each Hyper-V sandbox monitors your Hyper-V diagnostics.
  • 2. Each probe has sensors to monitor Hyper-V.
  • 3. Data is sent to our cloud server.
  • 4. A web browser on any device can view the status of all systems on the network.
Hyper-V saas

How HV Diagnostics Monitor will help you spot problems with your Hyper-V.

Use HV Diagnostics Monitor if you would like to:

Improve the uptime of systems by being alerted to Hyper-V issues before they become downtime. Reduce costs by ensuring computers can be put back online quickly. Increase your companies profits by avoiding losses caused by undetected Hyper-V failures.

A good network Hyper-V diagnostic should be cloud based so you can see the network status and possible faults by using a web browser. Any device that runs a web browser mobile, tablet, laptop, pc etc will be able to view and detect faults with your network computer systems.