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Syvir PC Diagnostics

Fast advanced diagnostic tool for your pc.

PC Diagnostic software

Need to find out if your network PCs has hardware problems?

Syvir PC Diagnostics has all the information you need...

Key Features

PC Diagnostic software

PC Diagnostics

Syvir PC Diagnostics is the easy way to start, if you need to know if any of your pcs hardware has issues. See a quick summary of 32 hardware components in your PC.
Checks over 30 key components :-
BIOS, CD/DVD Drive, CPU, Hard Disk, Ethernet, Fans, Infra Red, Keyboard, Motherboard, OS, Parallel Port, PCI Slots, PCMCIA, Pointing Device, Power Supply Unit, Serial Port, Sound Port, System Memory, Temperature Probe, USB ports, Video, Wireless.

Monitor your network PCs hardware with Syvir PC Diagnostics.

Monitors your important PC hardware components.

We have got you covered...

With Syvir PC Diagnostics wide range of hardware sensors we can spot any problems before your systems go down.

  • PC Battery Diagnostics
  • PC BIOS Diagnostics
  • PC CD/DVD Diagnostics
  • PC CPU Diagnostics
  • PC Fixed Drive Diagnostics
  • PC Ethernet Diagnostics
  • PC Fan Diagnostics
  • PC FireWire Diagnostics
  • PC Heat Pipe Diagnostics
  • PC Keyboard Diagnostics
  • PC IDE Diagnostics
  • PC InfraRed Diagnostics
  • PC Motherboard Diagnostics
  • PC Monitor Diagnostics
  • PC Parallel Diagnostics
  • PC PCI Diagnostics
  • PC PCMCIA Diagnostics
  • PC Pointing Diagnostics
  • PC Power Diagnostics
  • PC System Memory Diagnostics
  • PC Serial Diagnostics
  • PC USB Diagnostics
  • PC Sound Diagnostics
  • PC Temperature Diagnostics
  • PC Video Diagnostics
  • PC Wireless Diagnostics
pc diagnostics
PC Diagnostic software

PC Diagnostics

Syvir PC Diagnostics gives you detailed pc diagnostics information on every piece of your computers hardware. Gets diagnostics information for over 30 hardware components like CPU, memory, hard drive, ports and many more. See this all laid out in one easy to use program.

PC Hardware

See real-time diagnostics information for your computers critical components so you can easily spot any hardware problems.

PC Diagnostic software