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Use your web browser to view endpoint diagnostic status.

Remote working is here to stay, the benefits brought for workers and companies alike are well documented. But this provides headaches and challenges for IT departments across the world. Remote workers by there very nature will be in a lot of cases placed across the world making home visits impractical for IT departments.
In particular fault analysis of remote staff endpoints is challenging. Clearly sending out IT engineers is expensive and time consuming.
With the advent of RDP support staff typically access remote endpoints without leaving the building.
Syvir Monitor is a remote diagnostics solution for companies with home workers etc. With Syvir Monitor a simple scan of the endpoints hardware can offer diagnostic insights into the health of the endpoints hardware. Data is transferred to the cloud to enable analysis through a web browser.
Syvir Monitor provides analysis of Windows PCs, Servers, VMware, Hyper-V and network printers.

  • Track your endpoints diagnostics
  • Identify and resolve endpoint issues
  • Get alerts when endpoints have problems