System Monitoring

Syvir Monitor -   PC,  Server monitoring

System Monitoring

Network monitoring of your PCs, Servers.

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Monitor your endpoints with Syvir Monitor

Use your web browser to view system status.

Syvir Monitor is a cloud tool that helps ensure your computer systems are running reliably.

  • Overview of your endpoint’s health.
  • Hosting of your Syvir Monitor instance in your own region.
  • Instant access to new features.
  • Subscription pricing that’s flexible with your needs.
  • Easy to setup with no dedicated server required.
  • Suited for small to large organizations.
  • Cloud based monitoring solution.
  • Monitor your endpoints.
  • SYVIR system board shows you in graphical form what’s going on in the box…
system monitoring

Monitor your endpoints with Syvir Monitor

We have got you covered...

With Syvir Monitor a wide range of sensors can spot any problems.

  • CPU Core Speed
  • System CPU Load
  • CPU Power
  • CPU Temperature
  • Fan
  • Drive Free Space
  • HD Temperature
  • ATI Graphics Temperature
  • Nvidia Graphics Temperature
  • Available Virtual Memory
  • Available Physical Memory
  • Memory Load
  • System Data In
  • System Data Out
system monitoring


Syvir Monitor gets to any performance problems fast.

Monitor everything in your endpoint.

Receive real-time email alerts on issues.

View your endpoints with your favorite device and browser.

system monitor
system monitoring

Grows with your needs

See real-time information for your endpoints performance.

Easy to understand pricing.

Fits into your budget.


Monitoring with Syvir,Syvir Monitor

Automatic scans

Scan your endpoints.


Alerts you about issues with an endpoint.

Monitoring as a service

Monitoring hosted by Syvir for you. Doesn’t need dedicated hardware to run.

system monitoring

What should you monitor.

Effective monitoring in real time is to ensure key sensors are deployed to monitor system metrics.
When you install a probe by default sensors are enabled on the system.

Piece of mind.
As long as a scan from Syvir Monitor probes reveal nothing, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is running ok...

system monitoring

How Syvir Monitor Works.

Monitor PCs, Servers, VMs.

Use your web browser to view endpoint status.

Syvir Monitor is a cloud tool that helps ensure your computer systems are running reliably.

  • 1. A probe on each computer system checks performance counters.
  • 2. Each probe has upto 8 sensors to monitor performance.
  • 3. Data is sent to our cloud server.
  • 4. A web browser on any device can view the status of all systems.
system monitor