How Syvir AI Diagnostics Works

How Syvir AI Diagnostics Works

Monitor your network endpoints.

Data collection

Syvir AI Diagnostics delivers deep diagnostic information on your clints endpoints. Our secure and efficient diagnostic data collection and delivery process works to deliver this while keeping your clints diagnostic data protected, encrypted and private.

The probe collects diagnostic data

Monitor your clints endpoints.

Diagnostic data

The Syvir AI Diagnostics probes are robust pieces of software with a low system profile. Each Syvir AI Diagnostics account has its own uniquely coded service probe that does the following:

  • Collects local diagnostic data through WMI.
  • Contains encrypted details about where it should send diagnostic data back to your Syvir AI Diagnostics account.

Diagnostic data collection

Monitor your clients endpoints.

Service Probe

Each probe deploys sensors. Diagnostic non personal Data is collected and sent through a secure HTTPS channel to a set of backend servers.

  • All your clints diagnostic data is stored in databases. These are optimized for fast data retrieval.
  • The database displays your clints diagnostic data the way you request the data to display.
  • The database produces a wide range of reports and logs from your diagnostic data.
  • The collected diagnostic data provides you with insights into your endpoints.

Data security & Privacy

Monitor your network endpoints.

Secure data

Syvir AI Diagnostics uses a multi-layered approach to secure diagnostic data that customers entrust to us. Our service was built and designed in house with the security of your data paramount.
This ensures the confidentiality of all the diagnostic data we collect and store.

  • Diagnostic data is collected from the service probe using encrypted protocols and authentication.
  • All diagnostic data is encrypted and stored in the cloud.
  • Keep an eye on network diagnostic health. View dashboards with Live data.