Data security & Privacy

Syvir AI Diagnostics platform security

Monitor your network endpoints.

Keeping your diagnostic data safe.

Keeping our users’ diagnostic data secure and private is the most important part of our business. Syvir AI Diagnostics uses a multi-layered approach to secure diagnostic data that you entrust to us.
The Syvir AI Diagnostics platform was designed and built with security in mind to ensure confidentially and integrity of collected diagnostic data.

Data Collection

Monitor your network endpoints.

Encrypted data

Data is encrypted in transit. All data is encrypted and stored in secure data centers.

  • Encrypted connection protocols include HTTPS and SSL/TLS.
  • Communication between Syvir AI Diagnostics and the probe use HTTPS/TLS with AES-256 encryption.

Data Storage

Backend Servers

Data is encrypted at rest. We use several layers of encryption to protect customer data. Data is encrypted to disk in all our data center databases.

  • Data is automatically encrypted prior to being written to disk.
  • Data is stored in the cloud using AES-256 encryption.

Identity Authentication

Syvir AI Diagnostics supports single sign-on (SSO) and 2FA for web logins.


Syvir AI Diagnostics products use multi user domain roles. Probe services on your network endpoints have there own login and password to authenticate on the Syvir AI Diagnostics. So only your administrator users can view data. Admins have separate logins and passwords.

Who at Syvir has access to your diagnostic data?

Data access

Syvir does not view the information in your account. Syvir policy is we only access customer data upon request from the authorized administrator for your account.
Syvir employees do not have access to this data unless you temporarily grant access for troubleshooting.

How do we protect your data?

Data protection

Syvir AI Diagnostics products are designed with multiple layers of protection across a distributed infrastructure.
All Syvir AI Diagnostics, diagnostic and authentication data is secured in multiple data centers.

These are the ways we manage and protect your data.

Viewer roles

After an account is created, admins are the only people who can sign in and view data.

Data Recovery and Retention

As long as your account is active, you have full control over diagnostic data retention.

Credit cards

Syvir never stores credit card details associated with your account. All credit card information is collected and processed by a third party, PCI compliant payment processor (Stripe). Your card information is passed directly to them when you purchase a subscription through Chargebee, meaning your credit card information never touches our servers.


Syvir do not have access to any password details. All passwords are encrypted in transit and stored in a secure data center. 2FA is available to secure your account.