Syvir Remote Specification

Remote  PC,  Server, VMware and Hyper-V specifications monitoring

Monitor your endpoints spec....

Need to find out the specifications of your PCs, Servers, VMware, Hyper-V?

SYVIR RS Cloud has all the information you need...

Key Features

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Companies & Managed Service Providers

Syvir Remote Specification is the easy way to find out your endpoint specifications. SYVIR RS works through a small program on the target PC, Server or virtual machine.
Run the client software on the machine through Remote Desktop to do a manual scan of the endpoint.
Data is transferred from the console probe to the SYVIR RS cloud.
You can then view endpoint specification from the client machine.

Monitor your important network infrastructure components.

Use your web browser to view endpoint specifications.

SYVIR RS is a cloud tool that helps view your computer systems specifications..

  • 1. A console probe on each computer system checks endpoints specifications.
  • 2. Each probe can have upto 32 sensors to monitor hardware specifications.
  • 3. Data is sent to our cloud server.
  • 4. A web browser on any device can view the specifications of all systems on the network.
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Azure Marketplace

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Syvir Technologies cloud products are on the Azure Marketplace.

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Monitor endpoint specifications with SYVIR RS.

Monitors important endpoint hardware components specifications.

We have got you covered...

With SYVIR RS a wide range of hardware checks endpoint specifications.

  • Battery Specifications
  • BIOS Specifications
  • CD/DVD Specifications
  • CPU Specifications
  • Fixed Drive Specifications
  • Ethernet Specifications
  • Fan Specifications
  • FireWire Specifications
  • Heat Pipe Specifications
  • Keyboard Specifications
  • IDE Specifications
  • InfraRed Specifications
  • Motherboard Specifications
  • Monitor Specifications
  • Parallel Specifications
  • PCI Specifications
  • PCMCIA Specifications
  • Pointing Specifications
  • Power Specifications
  • System Memory Specifications
  • Serial Specifications
  • USB Specifications
  • Sound Specifications
  • Temperature Specifications
  • Video Specifications
  • Wireless Specifications
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SYVIR – Remote Specifications..

Need to find out what’s inside your network PCs, Servers… SYVIR RS will find the information for you… Provides a detailed report on each endpoint. Enables you to make informed decisions on upgrading your endpoints. Works on Windows PCs and Servers. Requires WMI. Gives you detailed information on all your hardware in your endpoints. Saves you time going through your network endpoints. Information is saved into the SYVIR-RS Cloud, you can view and retrieve this information through a web browser.

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How SYVIR RS Works.

Monitor your Windows endpoints with SYVIR RS.

Use your web browser to view endpoint spec. status.

SYVIR RS is a cloud tool.

  • 1. A console probe on each computer system checks your endpoints spec..
  • 2. Each probe can have upto 33 sensors to monitor hardware.
  • 3. Data is sent to our cloud server.
  • 4. A web browser on any device can view the status of all systems on the network.
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